I have just finished a Spring weather project, the Tweedies! I have had this yarn (Drops Soft Tweed) in stash for some time, just the one solitary ball, which I wanted to put it to some use. I absolutely love tweedy yarn (yes, in case you can’t tell from the photos, the yarn has got […]

Cumulus Blouse

I have just finished the Cumulus Blouse, which I had been wanting to make for ages. Unpopular opinion: this has got to be one of the most overrated patterns on Ravelry, I’m sorry to say. With over 7,500 projects, I thought it would be a safe bet and a pretty universal item to wear on […]

Sidewinder Beanie

A great little pattern by Aspen Leaf Knits, the Sidewinder Beanie is fresh and stylish and super easy to memorise—I have totally lost track of how many I have knitted over the past couple of years, but we’re well into the double digits. (Hint hint: a whooole loads of posts on this coming up!) This […]

Felix Pullover

Hello people! Well, it’s been a minute! How is everybody? I had to take some time off from social media after my last market, as I felt completely drained and exhausted with nothing left to give. I’d worked myself silly prepping for my Christmas markets, and really felt I needed a break to recharge and […]

Plans for 2024

Welcome to 2024! Here I am assembling a veeery fluid list of what I plan to knit in 2024 – ideas will be added and edited as I make things and as the year progresses… Nurtured by Andrea Mowry—DONE! My colour: _Anthracite_ My yarn: Sesia Arboris. Felix pullover by Amy Christoffers—DONE! My colour: _Brown_ My […]

Black Cable Hat

In between market prepping, I sometimes make things for myself too! I absolutely love this cable hat, so much so that I have made 4 so far! But can we please talk about the incredible Virginia Creeper behind me??? Totally worth waiting all year for these stunning autumn colours! 🖤🍁🍂 Ax

A hug for your head

Fully reversible bobble hat, in a super soft alpaca and wool blend, double layered, and with extra deep brim to keep you warm and cosy all through the cold season. Look at all the photos to see what the reverse side looks like. It’s a hug for your head! 🧡🍁🍂 If you want yours, you […]

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