The Shift

A few months ago (boy, time does fly when you’re having fun!!) I made The Shift, a mosaic cowl which was somewhat out of my comfort zone (I’m looking at you, blacks, greys and browns, my faithful friends!), sporting far FAR more colours than I usually wear. The jury was out on whether it would […]


I have just finished a Spring weather project, the Tweedies! I have had this yarn (Drops Soft Tweed) in stash for some time, just the one solitary ball, which I wanted to put it to some use. I absolutely love tweedy yarn (yes, in case you can’t tell from the photos, the yarn has got […]

Cumulus Blouse

I have just finished the Cumulus Blouse, which I had been wanting to make for ages. Unpopular opinion: this has got to be one of the most overrated patterns on Ravelry, I’m sorry to say. With over 7,500 projects, I thought it would be a safe bet and a pretty universal item to wear on […]

Sophie Shawl

Continuing The year of Handmade series, this is the Sophie Shawl by PetiteKnit I made my baby sister (hi, Ale!) for Christmas. I went back and forth several times between making the scarf or the shawl version (read: frogged the first 10 cm, something like 5 or 6 times!). There wasn’t an awful lot in […]

Felix Pullover

Hello people! Well, it’s been a minute! How is everybody? I had to take some time off from social media after my last market, as I felt completely drained and exhausted with nothing left to give. I’d worked myself silly prepping for my Christmas markets, and really felt I needed a break to recharge and […]

Plans for 2024

Welcome to 2024! Here I am assembling a veeery fluid list of what I plan to knit in 2024 – ideas will be added and edited as I make things and as the year progresses… My colour: Anthracite Nurtured ↗ ✔by Andrea Mowry—DONE!My yarn: Sesia Arboris. My colour: Brown Felix pullover ↗ ✔by Amy Christoffers—DONE!My […]

Black Cable Hat

In between market prepping, I sometimes make things for myself too! I absolutely love this cable hat, so much so that I have made 4 so far! But can we please talk about the incredible Virginia Creeper behind me??? Totally worth waiting all year for these stunning autumn colours! 🖤🍁🍂 Ax

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