Plans for 2024

Welcome to 2024! Here I am assembling a veeery fluid list of what I plan to knit in 2024 – ideas will be added and edited as I make things and as the year progresses… Nurtured by Andrea Mowry—DONE! My colour: _Anthracite_ My yarn: Sesia Arboris. Felix pullover by Amy Christoffers—DONE! My colour: _Brown_ My […]


I have just finished a Spring weather project, the Tweedies! I have had this yarn (Drops Soft Tweed) in stash for some time, just the one solitary ball, which I wanted to put it to some use. I absolutely love tweedy yarn (yes, in case you can’t tell from the photos, the yarn has got […]

Cumulus Blouse

I have just finished the Cumulus Blouse, which I had been wanting to make for ages. Unpopular opinion: this has got to be one of the most overrated patterns on Ravelry, I’m sorry to say. With over 7,500 projects, I thought it would be a safe bet and a pretty universal item to wear on […]

Beans Basket

Temporarily interrupting The year of Handmade series, I wanted to share something I whipped up recently to cover up an unattractive plant pot for my elephant bush plant (Portulacaria Afra). It’s a colour block basket in light grey and off white. 4 strands held together to achieve a super-bulky weight (I was stash-busting, haha!). This […]

Sidewinder Beanie

A great little pattern by Aspen Leaf Knits, the Sidewinder Beanie is fresh and stylish and super easy to memorise—I have totally lost track of how many I have knitted over the past couple of years, but we’re well into the double digits. (Hint hint: a whooole loads of posts on this coming up!) This […]

Felix Pullover

Hello people! Well, it’s been a minute! How is everybody? I had to take some time off from social media after my last market, as I felt completely drained and exhausted with nothing left to give. I’d worked myself silly prepping for my Christmas markets, and really felt I needed a break to recharge and […]

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