My first hydrangea

A quick acrylic sketch of my very first hydrangea, or an impression of it. Actually, I meant to paint some bluebells from the garden, which must have come out a couple of weeks ago, but which only today, in the beautiful sunshine, caught my eye. But, I failed. So I changed flowers, and will go […]

Theorising colour

Playing with mixing acrylics in my brief exile in the Big City. I’m definitely wasting more colour than I’m using, but it’s so relaxing and a lot of fun! Changing the intensity/chroma of the primary colours by mixing them with their complementary colours. This is basically a study on how to make mud! Ax

Drawing 101

Back to drawing school for me this week, starting with a bit of basic sketching, the ubiquitous sphere. If you squint, it doesn’t look too bad for a half-arsed first attempt. I have actually gone and bought a sketching pad and plan on following the sage advice of carrying it with me at all times. […]

In your hands

Quick and crude sketch of interlaced hands. It turns out that picking up a pencil again after 20 years is NOT just like riding a bicycle. Years of digital only doodling, and my fingers seem to have forgotten how to draw in real life. Sobering thought. But I had also forgotten how much fun drawing […]

Yesterday I fell in love

Yesterday I fell in love. It happened in one short day. In fact, in the space of a few hours, I knew I was hooked. Yes, painting stole my heart. In the beginning there were 5: blue, red, yellow, white and black, and the world looked like early days LEGO. Then, as if by magic, […]

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